For your safety, we ask that you keep the following tips in mind to ensure you have an enjoyable time on the water.

You must wear the Life Jacket at all times.

First Aid

Our guides are First Aid / CPR certified. The van is also equipped with an AED.


We strongly recommend you know how to swim before taking this trip.


Pay attention to all safety warnings. Stay to the right when paddling unless crossing.

Inform Others

Tell others about your travel plans.


Avoid fallen trees, undercut rocks or anything else that allows the current to flow through it while holding you.

Stay Seated

Do not stand up and avoid weight shifts that may cause the boat to capsize.


Pets are OK if they have a leash and pet PFD.

No Glass

Cans and plastic bottles are a-ok. Remember to pack out anything you bring!

Bring water

There is very little shade on the river so stay hydrated!

Bring sun protection

This could be sunscreen, sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat, an umbrella, or all of the above!


Who doesn't love snacks? You'll be paddling and burning energy so make sure to bring along something quick and easy.

Before your trip, you'll need to sign the waiver and rental agreement.
Feel free to download, review, and sign beforehand for faster check-in.


From Shelby Park to Downtown Riverfront Park (3 miles, approx 1 hour)
Book Single Kayak $29 (seats one)
Book Tandem Kayak $59 (seats two)
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From Opryland to Shelby Park in East Nashville (5 miles, approx 2 hours)
Book Single Kayak $39 (seats one)
Book Tandem Kayak $79 (seats two)